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“A delightful and engaging experience integrated gracefully into the environment” comments the jury.

蒙特利尔一直以其悠久的历史建筑充满活力的城市生活而闻名,也因其St. Lawrence River河上的特有风光和市中心的绵延矮丘而与众不同。Mount Royal是蒙特利尔人民皆知的日常休闲之所,也是当地游客的必去景点之一。蒙特利尔市曾有一处鲜为人知的1850英亩Mount Royal遗址。19世纪时期,该区域内的495英亩场地被Frederick Law Olmsted改造为城市公园。这座公园内有三处明显的制高点,无座墓地,两座综合大学园区及众多历史建筑。与老城区一样,该地区成为蒙特利尔市最受保护的地区之一。

Montreal, celebrated for its historical architecture and its vibrant urban life, is also recognized for its unique setting on the St. Lawrence River and for its small, but highly emblematic, mountain rising from the downtown core. Mount Royal, as it is known, is a year-long destination for Montrealers and has always been a magnet for visitors.?The 495-acre area transformed into a park in the 19th century by Frederick Law Olmsted is part of a larger and lesser-known 1850-acre territory, designated as the Mount-Royal Heritage Site. It encompasses three distinct summits, 5 cemeteries, 2 university campuses and significant historical buildings. Along with Old Montreal, this heritage site is one of the city’s most ‘protected’ sectors.

▼1850英亩Mount Royal遗址,map of the 1850-acre Mount Royal Heritage Site

2017年是第67届世博会后的第50年。这一年,蒙特利尔市迎来了它的375周年诞辰,全城上下也因此展开了一系列城市优化运动。这个名为Discovery Halts的项目以Mount Royal为场地展开。不同于其他融入科技手段的城市改造项目,它以严谨又大胆的365bet信号源_365bet赌博_365bet官网-官网注册手段,建立具有互联性与探索性的空间关系,为来访者带来全新的空间体验,让人重新审视和理解这处自然与历史环境。

In 2017, fifty years after hosting Expo 67, Montreal set out to celebrate its 375th anniversary with a series of urban interventions. This project called Escales decouvertes (Discovery Halts) was designed for the Mount Royal site and it stands in sharp contrast with other more technologically savvy commemorative projects. It is about connecting, discovering and interacting. Discreet yet audacious, it was intended from the start to provide visitors with an entirely new experience and a clearer understanding of the mountain’s natural and historical features.

▼改造后的景观环境,the landscape after intervention

不同于传统的线性轨迹,方向标或纪念标等导向365bet信号源_365bet赌博_365bet官网-官网注册,由civiliti和Julie Margot design组成的365bet信号源_365bet赌博_365bet官网-官网注册团队选择用天然元素打造更为开放式的导向系统。365bet信号源_365bet赌博_365bet官网-官网注册师用花岗岩和青铜制造出一系列符合场地历史特性的导向元素,并将其散布于场地内及四周,让来访者以更加直接和感性的方式体验到场地环境的独特之处。来自civiliti的Peter Soland在接受SEGD采访时说道:“这些标识并没有直接引导我们,而是在与我们对话。它们散布在环境中,吸引着人们的到访 。”

Staying away from traditional wayfinding options, such as linear trails, directional signage or commemorative markings, the design team made up of civiliti and Julie Margot design opted instead for an open-ended approach using mostly natural features as wayfinding clues. A family of objects was developed in keeping with requirements deriving from the site’s special heritage status. Designed in granite and bronze, these were installed throughout the park and its immediate surroundings. They are meant to engage visitors in a sensorial and intuitive discovery of the site’s features. Interviewed by the SEGD website’s editors, civiliti’s Peter Soland explained: “We started talking about objects, rather than signage. Objects appearing in the landscape would be enigmatic and attract people to them.”

▼融于环境的人造景观365bet信号源_365bet赌博_365bet官网-官网注册,the?blend-in design of the?wayfinding

365bet信号源_365bet赌博_365bet官网-官网注册师在场地中打造了三种类型的景观标记:三维地理位置地图,散布的低矮圆锥体地标石,以及大型了望台休息处。十二座以花岗岩为基底打造的三维地理位置地图,分别放置在场地的十二个出入口处。每一座地图都清晰的标明了Mount Royal的三个顶峰,城市制高点以及三个建造的地标。它们为来访者带来了更为直接的视觉与触觉感知,让来访者们一目了然场地的地形与地貌特征。

Three types of objects were created: tridimensional maps designed as orientation devices, low conical stones serving as place-markers in the landscape, and larger belvedere-like halts. The bronze maps, each set on a granite base, were strategically placed at twelve access points. Each map clearly identifies Mount Royal’s three distinct summits, rising above the city grid, and three built landmarks. Together they provide visitors with a visual and tactile understanding of the mountain’s geographical identity.

▼以花岗岩为基底打造的三维地理位置地图散布在12个出口,the bronze maps, each set on a granite base?were strategically placed at twelve access points

▼为来访者带来了更为直接的视觉与触觉感知,they provide visitors with a visual and tactile understanding of the mountain’s geographical identity


The conical place-markers, clustered in groups of two or three, vary in size, some as small as stepping-stones, others large enough to sit or lean on. With their bronze inscriptions, they provide clues to the more intimate characteristics of the mountain’s historical and natural features such as notable rock formations, prairies, the trace of a now-buried river or a vanished ski slope. Twenty-five of these granite cones clusters were initially planned for the project.

▼不同尺寸大小的锥形地标散布在林间,the conical place-markers of various sizes are clustered in groups of two or three

▼这些地标尺寸不一,可坐可卧,some as small as stepping-stones, others large enough to sit or lean on

▼雕刻在其周身的文字暗示了该场地中一些值得一探究竟的自然景点和历史遗迹,with their bronze inscriptions, they provide clues to the more intimate characteristics of the mountain’s historical and natural features

该公园景观改造的最后一步是在园中设立十个观景点。这些观景台或平铺于地表,或设立于崖边。这些小景同样由花岗岩打造,它们契合所处的场地环境,或温柔婉转,或棱角分明,搭配融入其中的休闲坐席,如诗般沉浸在优美的环境里。它们被刻意摆放在Mount Roya最迷人的景点处,供人休憩与观赏。

The last segment of this family of objects consists in a series of ten landscaped belvedere-like halts. Each one is either anchored in the ground or projecting from a cliff. It is also defined by a granite border featuring a verse written specifically for the location by an assigned Montreal poet. The halts, at times curvilinear, at times angular, all with built-in seating, are located in strategic locations with privileged views of Mount Royal’s interior landscapes.

▼契合场地的观景处,the?halt?anchored in the ground

▼景观融入诗句,Discovery halt detail with close-up of poetic insert

▼置于崖顶的观景台,the?belvedere-like halt?projecting from a cliff


“Wayfinding and interpretation suggested without imposing” comments the jury.

这些导向标的定位都经过严谨的场地和景观分析决定,以及四季摄影测量。其中每一个地标的定位都会交由不同利益相关者组成的委员会进行审核。此外,365bet信号源_365bet赌博_365bet官网-官网注册师还需要保证融入这些景观小景后的场地环境的完整性。在SEGD网站的采访中,视觉365bet信号源_365bet赌博_365bet官网-官网注册师Julie Margot这样描述他们的365bet信号源_365bet赌博_365bet官网-官网注册理念:“我们希望摆脱‘导向’和‘方向’等描述,让365bet信号源_365bet赌博_365bet官网-官网注册带来更加感性的体验。”

Locations for each intervention derived from rigorous site and landscape analyses, which included four-season photographic surveys. Each of the proposed sites was submitted to a committee composed of various stakeholders. An additional challenge consisted in making sure the objects were positioned throughout the entire site to ensure full appreciation of the mountain.?In the SEGD website interview, Julie Margot, the project’s lead visual designer, explains how the concept evolved: “We wanted to move away from ‘direction’ and ‘directing’ and encourage an intuitive experience of the different spaces and places.”

Design Team


Julie Margot design

Vlan paysages

Luu Nguyen, landscape architect


Civil engineers: Les Services Exp

Industrial designers: Messier Designers

Sculptor: Jules Lasalle


General Contractor: Aménagement C?té Jardin

Manufacturer, Bronze Letters: Pontbriand

Manufacturer, Bronze Map: Artcast

Granite Quarry: Rock of Ages

Stone Engravers: Premier Jet


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